Loub Shoobs

For a little Friday afternoon work avoidance/shopping porn, I decided to head on over to Net-a-Porter and peruse their Shoe Boot selection. I am pretty drawn to this latest trend in footwear at the moment as I love their slightly clunky yet elegant nature, and would you look at this rather lovely pair our good, foot-loving friend Christian Louboutin has on offer!

Firstly, the high, closed front makes them a good proper shoe boot, unlike a lot of brogues that I think are being wrongly given this title of late.

Secondly, I love the big button detail on the side as it adds a real touch of Victoriana and reminds me of a gorgeous pair of quilted, patent leather, Victorian ankle boots I had when I was little. I was so sad when I grew out of those boots, that I think a pair of Louboutins are the only think that could possibly allow me to get over it!