Lately, I realise I have been neglecting this little ol' blog, and I do apologise young readers. You see I have been pretty busy over at BitchBuzz, and there is only so much fashion wisdom my little brain can produce, meaning The Liner, The Clutch and The Wardrobe has been somewhat deprived.

Anyway, I am back, and with me, I bring this little nugget of fashion joy from Karl Lagerfeld's Spring 09 collection for his eponymous label, shown in Paris this week.

Karl Lagerfeld often adds an element of his signature look of stiff collared shirts and bondage inspired corset touches to collections for his Karl Lagerfeld label, lending his clothes a distinct androgynous feel.

These signature touches were certainly present, however, Lagerfeld lent his Spring 09 collection a more feminine feel than normal via sheer fabrics, floral applique, and some gorgeous soft silk, most notably on a lavishly draped silver dress.

Making sure onlookers who including US Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Anna Piaggi, were reminded of the collection's puppet master, was a bag bearing Lagerfeld's face with the eyes cut out as a handle. One Model (pictured) walked down to the catwalk holding it like a mask, which gave the appearance of Karl himself flouncing down the catwalk in a waist cinching satin skirt.

Now that would be a sight wouldn't it!

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