The problem with the British weather is that as soon as the sun comes out and you bare your legs to the world, it disappears behind a cloud and you're back in the 40-deniers. Like an over enthusiastic computer nerd, legs never end up seeing the light of day for more than 20 minutes, and consequently begin to resemble a pair of mini-milks.

Luckily, MAC have come to the rescue with their new Skinsheen. This lightweight gel bronzer sprays effortlessly onto legs, to give a natural bronzed effect. What makes it so special, is the 179 Body Buffer brush designed to apply the product. The ultra-dense natural fibres buff the product into the skin for a smooth even application.

If you want to get in on the MAC bronzing action, get in there quick! This product is flying off the shelves with two of the shades already sold out on the website.