Ever since the rumour mill started churning out talk of a Sex and the City movie a couple of years ago, I have been incredibly excited about the film version of one of my favourite ever TV shows. You can imagine my excitement then, when Sex and the City day finally arrived yesterday. Along with what seemed like every woman in London, I strapped on a pair of high heels, and teetered down to my local cinema for what has to be the most anticipated film of the year.

Now I promise I won't spoil the plot for anybody, I will merely urge that you HAVE to see this film.

The emotionally tumultuous plot had me on the edge of my seat throughout, filled with unexpected twists, touching moments, and a script that was both funny and sharp. The wardrobe was so fabulously extensive, that it could comprise a fashion encyclopedia, featuring pieces by British favourites, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

Best of all though SATC: The Movie depicts the importance of Love, and that with true friends around, you can come by a happy ending without fairy tale simplicity.