Last week it was announced that Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field was to design a collection for housewive's favourite, Marks and Spencers. It seems that she is not content with revamping the wardrobes of Middle-England, as it has now been confirmed that she will also design a collection for Australian department store, Myer.

I am still on a bit of a Sex and the City high, despite having seen the film a whole two days ago, so I'm all for milking this bandwagon for all it's worth, but I am just not sure about these collaborations. Both stores tend to cater to a 'safer' market, which flame-haired Field's eclectic style doesn't quite sit right with. On the other hand, maybe a toned down version of the style she created for Sex and the City will add some much needed variety to the store's collections.

Only one way to find out though! The Myer collection will be available in stores across Australia from 18th October, and Marks and Spencer's in the UK also in October.