These days almost every brand is finding some way to cash in on people's interest in environmental issues and remind us of how natural and ethical they are. Even petrol stations are doing it, and I am pretty sure no matter which way they twist it, there is nothing environmentally friendly about petrol!

It is easy to forget then that when The Body Shop launched back in 1976, ethical issues were at the forefront of their identity, particularly through their heavy campaigning against animal testing. In light of this, later this month they will reveal a re-vamped image that will emphasise this important part of their heritage. This will include more ingredient centered advertising campaigns as well as the launch of a mineral make up line in September.

While natural purists may quite rightly argue that this is merely a commercial decision by parent company L'Oreal to increase revenue, I think that at least the fundamental philosophies behind The Body Shop are being adhered to, whether the motives are cynical or not.

Watch this space for more news on The Body Shop's Mineral Make Up line.