As much as I love beauty products, we all know that they don't always do exactly what they say on the tin. We know that lip gloss won't give you a Jolie pout, and that cellulite creams won't give you legs like Kate Moss. However, we also know that both the above will enhance our natural assets at least just a little bit, and thus our trust is re-instilled in the wonderful world of beauty.

Sometimes however the Beauty Industry will throw a wild card of ridiculousness at us that surely even the most gullible wouldn't believe. Last week, WWD announced that Ageless Fantasty has come up with the world's first anti-age perfume. Seriously? An anti-age perfume?

Ageless Fantasy are claiming they can actually make you smell younger, following 'research' that suggests that certain smells are associated with certain ages, meaning their grapefruit, pomegranate, mango, jasmine and musk scent can lead nearby whiffers to believe you are up to 8 years younger.

Once again, seriously? While I will admit that some smells are often more associated with certain ages; floral scents denoting older women while fresher, citrus scents have a younger association, unless wearers of Ageless Fantasy are planning on only hanging around with blind people, the theory is not fool proof.

If Ageless Fantasy are really onto something, why not go a step further and invest in Barbie's latest scent, or for the more discerning lady, The Olsen Twins do some really hot ones.