What better way to start the day could there be than porridge and orange juice? But I don't mean to eat, I mean to wash with!

Amongst the 20 newbies that Lush have just added to their already vast range of wondrous bathing products is Porridge Soap. The delicious smelling new soap, which is made using Lush's new palm oil free soap recipe, contains masses of oats which buff away rough skin as you rub on the soap in the shower. The oats also impart their soothing properties onto the skin to smooth as soften as they exfoliate.

Organic orange juice and sweet orange oil gives the soap a gorgeous sweet smell and while there is not actually any honey in the soap, I thought the combination of the oatmeal and orange gave the soap a similar smell to Lush's amazing soap, Honey I Washed the Kids.

Porridge is available in store and online for £2.50/100g.