Men wearing make up is nothing new. It was practically uniform for eighties New Romantics and Goths, and it has made its way onto numerous male faces ever since in the form of a multitude of trends. While any discerning metrosexual will be familiar with Jean Paul Gaultier's male make-up range, Monsieur, which features products such as eyeliner and bronzer, hoards of teenage Pete Wentz wannabes have been stuck nicking their mum's eyeliner. Until now that is...

This week, Superdrug will launch Taxi, a men's make-up range that currently comprises of 'Guyliner' and 'Manscara', both priced at £6.50, so that even boys to whom the Selfridges beauty counter seems like a far off planet can work that smoky-eyed look with a product that is unquestionably manly.

While I am sure there will be much outcry (probably from that bastion of forward thinking, The Daily Mail) of, 'Make up, for men? But no, call the police, the world has gone mad!' I personally think men should be able to conceal the shadow of a hangover lurking under-eye with the magical Touche Eclat just like women can, and I am a huge fan of a smudge of kohl on a man a la Russell Brand!

The thing that amuses me however, is how when cosmetics are being marketed to men, it seems to have to come with a big flashing light that says, 'this is a manly product, look it says so on the package, definitly NOT FOR WOMEN'! Is there really any difference between Guyliner and Ecriture de Chanel other than a big fat 'I'm not gay' stamp of approval?

Ah well, boys are simple, but then we didn't need Manscara to tell us that did we?!