Sexy Beach Hair Without the Beach

Good morrow young LCW readers. Apologies for my absence, I have been on my holidays and sadly the beach does not come with WiFi! I have however returned with beauty wisdom (and a tan to give Fake Bake a run for its money!) from afar.

If like me you have curly yet fine, frizzy hair, I'm sure you will have noticed that a simple dip in the sea can tame your mane into perfectly defined, non-frizzy curls thanks to the saltiness of the water. The same effect can however be recreated on your return to the sea-free urban jungle thanks to some clever marine inspired hair products.

Bumble and Bumble have created the amazing Surf Spray, which contains salt to help you achieve those messy curls as well as seaweed extract to nourish hair at the same time. GHD also do a Sea Spray which comes with all important UVA protection.

If you are feeling frugal though (which I am sure you will be having spent all your Euros on Sangria!) you can make your own! Simply get an empty spray bottle and fill it will mineral water and a tablespoon of good sea salt, and Voila! Home made Sea Spray. You can also add a teaspoon of your favourite conditioner if your hair is extra dry and keep that salon 'imperfect' beach look all year round.