New Lush Emotibombs

Don't you just love it when you have a bath with a Lush Bath Ballistic, and the whole house fills with the wonderful scent of Lush? The only problem is I am increasingly rarely getting time for baths, and the aromatherapy qualities of shower gel just don't cut it.

Lush however, genius as ever, have come up with the Emotibomb, which fizzes in the bottom of your shower and fills the bathroom with a cloud of vapour so that you can get an aromatherapy fix even when you're in a rush.

The Emotibomb is available in four varieties including, 'Too Drunk', to breath away a hangover, Lavender scented 'Up the Wooden Hill' to help ease you into sleep, 'Up you Get', which provides an awakening citrus blast, and the bluntly titled 'Sex in the Shower', for, you know.

I tried Up you Get for myself this morning, and it didn't half make the bathroom smell citrussy, and did indeed leave me feeling slightly more awakened than normal. My only complaint is that because you throw it on the shower floor to work its magic, you're not left with the scent on your skin as you are with a Bath Ballistic. But hey, you can't have everything!


  1. Borst said...

    Ah Lush, best store in the whole wide world. I wish I could marry Lush and we could have beautiful smelling Lush children together!  

  2. Style Witch said...

    I wish you could too, I could be maid of honour! Lush is the best.  

  3. Roxy said...

    Great! And I was just patting myself on the back for resisting LUSH purchases the past few months. Now you've done it! ; )

    I'm a sucker for a LUSH temptation ... so I'm weak, forgive me! xo  

  4. Datura Rose said...

    I can't wait to try these.