Gothic Get-Up for Autumn

You may have noticed that fashion has taken on a spookier guise this season but don’t be mistaken into thinking it is just because we are approaching Halloween. The goth trend is huge for this autumn-winter, so slick on some dark lipstick, swath yourself in black lace and get in touch with your dark side.

Camden has long been famed for the alternative style of its inhabitants. Its streets are awash with stalls selling chunky, metal studded boots and this little corner of North London plays host to The Devonshire Arms, a favourite haunt of London’s most fantastically funereal, leather clad Goths.

Camden is also the well known playground of rockier celebrities such as Noel Fielding, Russell Brand, and Daisy Lowe, all of whom were often seen falling out of The Hawley Arms wearing deliciously alternative ensembles before it burned down earlier this year.

It is no co-incidence then that the prevalent gothic style touted about this part of town has ceased to be sported solely by rebellious teenagers and Cradle of Filth fans and has made its way into the wider sartorial sphere, with rock royalty Kelly Osborne seamlessly bridging the gap between NW1 and the high street.

Indeed, a dark shadow also prevailed over the catwalks during the Autumn-Winter 08/09 shows. Jean Paul Gaultier flirted with the dark side via witchy black maxi dresses and jagged edged knitwear, while Luella went all out sending models down the catwalk in black pointed hats and garish orange hosiery. Balmain took a punkier approach to the trend with skin-tight leather trousers as did Rodarte who teamed vertiginous, spike encrusted platforms with spidery webbed tights.

Of course, where the catwalk dares to go, the high-street shortly follows, with Topshop’s aptly named Pagan collection, heavy on black lace and studded lace up boots, leading the way.