Cult Classics: Johnson's Baby Oil

There are some beauty products that we can't live without. While we may get pretty addicted to particular shades of nail varnish or eyeshadows with clever new applicators, after a few months, they always end up half used at the bottom of your make up bag, all covered in bits of eyeliner sharpenings. There are some however, that you couldn't live without, and regardless of what comes in and out of fashion, will keep a firm place on your bathroom shelf. Here at The Liner, The Clutch and The Wardrobe, we aim to celebrate those firm favourites with a weekly feature, Cult Classics.

This week, I was reminded of an old favourite by Make Up Makes Me Happy. She recommends Johnson's Baby Oil as an eyemake up remover, as the traditional ones tend to be silicon based, which not only irritates sensitive eyes, but can be quite ineffective at removing make up. I absolutely agree. In my experience, an oil based product is the best for removing make up, and this baby friendly formulation is great for sensitive skin and eyes.

What's more, Johnson's Baby Oil is great as an all over body moisturiser, clears up stubborn patches of dry skin, is super cheap, and has a scent that takes you right back to childhood!

Johnson's Baby Oil is also now available in Lavender variety, perfect for pouring in a bath before bed, and Aloe Vera variety for extra skin nourishment.


  1. Roselyn said...

    Glad to see you stopped by! Wonderful start to what I am sure will be an amazing blog!