Every Summer, cosmetics companies roll out the leg bronzers and cellulite gels for those of us whose legs have been cosily hiding in tights and Uggs all winter, but this summer, I am noticing a new trend in leg 'improving' products: Invisible stocking balms. The idea of these products is to leave an irredescent film on your legs, to give the impression of a smooth, toned, silk stocking clad legs without the discomfort of wearing tights in the heat.

As part of their Maitresse range, Agent Provocateur have launched AP Silk Stockings Finishing Balm £38, a fine balm enriched with silk proteins and real gold particles to make your legs sily smooth, and dazzling. Scented with their Maitresse fragrance, it smells good too!

Benefit boast Body So Fine, £22.50 as part of their Bathina range. Again, this sweet scented balm with light reflective particles will leave legs silky smooth and shimmering.

The thing is, I love both of the above products, but I am really not sure what they offer beyond a little bit of sparkle and a nice scent. Unfortunately, mere balm won't transform pale, dimpley legs, so if you are after legs like Gisele, get down to the gym!