Hair Trend: Plaits

Plaits and braids and big beauty news this Summer, and every time I have seen queens of the plait trend, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie touting their twisted tresses about town recently, I have been dying to try out this look for myself. Every day this week then, I decided to work a new 'twist' on the plait into my hair style.

I created a plaited 'Alice band' look by taking a section of hair from just behind each ear, plaiting it, then bringing it over the top of my head like a hair band and securing with a hair grip behind the opposite ear. This look was so simple and easy to do, but ended up added a real grecian goddess glamour to my hair and I received a lot of complements.

The best look I tried this week though, was a fully tied up Heidi plait look (pictured). All you do to create this style is divide your hair into two, plait each side, then secure both plaits to the back of your head. It is such a great look as it fully allows you to disguise a bad hair day, as it all ends up pinned to the back of your head anyway! While my hair still looked a bit messy, I think this added a fun, hippie element to the look.


  1. Katherine said...

    You looked gorgeous that night, Silver! Wish I had longer hair so I can emulate you!