Before you get too excited, I am sadly not referring to the kind of male models you see in ad campaigns smothered in Johnsons baby oil, but rather the type that grace the catwalk. This week I have seen my fair share of male models at Graduate Fashion Week and think I might finally have found a reason to take an interest in menswear. The models are quite literally gorgeous, with chiseled high cheek bones and one of two hair styles, either wild-grunge hair or a sharp angular style that looks like it’s cut daily with a ruler. They have wide shoulders and tiny waists with enough of a six-pack to show off their chest without being fully embarrassed but not so much that they resemble a ‘90s Peter Andre.

Anyway, it is not just their dashing good looks which have got my attention but also the way in which they grace the catwalk. Female models (for now) have got walking down to a fine art (feel free to try this out in the privacy of your own home). Firstly, you must march one foot in front of the other with your hips pointing sharply upwards (to the chandeliers if you wanna impress Valentino), you must also pull an incredibly nonchalant facial expression that suggests you don’t even know why you’re bothering with a catwalk in the first place. Finally, you pose twice at the end of the catwalk thus showing off both protruding hip bones.

But, if you’re a male model the look is completely different. From what I can gather, you must go one of two ways. 1) Assume a face of pure anger and march down the catwalk as though you are going to deck the photographers waiting at the end. Maybe even scowl. Or, 2) Pull a confused face (think 2,345,987 divided by 13) and walk so speedily down the catwalk that you might just run off the end and disappear keeping the clothes on your back. Either way, they never full wait at the end to pose, they simply act like they can’t be bothered, and run off back to the dressing room. Trust me, male models are something else.