The world of beauty is a vast one, and without some form of reference, how are we supposed to know our highlighters from our contourers, our moisturisers from our serums, let alone what to do with them? I personally relied on hours of messing around and experimenting, but as this resulted in more than one misguided beauty look (Alisha's Attic eyeshadow, colour mousse, don't get me started), I think I would have been far better of with a nice big compendium of beauty secrets.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, everyone's favourite cosmetic emporium, Sephora, have produced Sephora: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup, Skin and Hair from the Beauty Authority. The book contains advice on everything from lip plumping and eye bag reducing to how long it is best to keep products for, as well as tips from celebrity make up artists.

I think this would make an amazing gift for a teenage girl just getting into beauty and cosmetics as well as veteran beauty junkies like myself!