It was annouced this week that Chanel have added some interesting pieces to their sports equipment line, including a boomerang (!), a fishing rod, and this rather delightful tennis racket. Now I am not one for playing sport, in fact the most exercise I have done recently probably involved a mad dash to a tray of Champagne, but for this baby, I'd hotfoot it down to my nearest tennis court before you could say Anna Kournikova!

Apparently it is made of lightweight fibres, and high quality string, but who cares about any of that when it is boldly emblazoned with the iconic double C and a classic Chanel rose, it's not like you'd actually play tennis with it anyway! This is a racket for posing by the side of a court with a glass of Pimm's, which is far more my kind of sport anyway. I can see VB holding one whilst wearing her oh-so-practical wedge trainers!

The new Chanel sports equipment will be available to ladies who lunch in Chanel stores worldwide soon.