My mind boggled when I heard about Spinlash, an electronically rotating mascara a few weeks ago, so now that I have heard about plans for Estee Lauder to launch Turbo Lash All Effects Motion Mascara, and Lancome's release of Oscillation, both vibrating mascaras, my melon is utterly twisted. Vibrating Mascara? Surely that is dangerous, or would at least tickle your eye!

Well, beauty experts suggest that to achieve a thick, full lash, you should apply mascara in a light zig-zag motion from the root to the tip of the lash, so with a vibrating mascara, you get a similar motion except the work is done for you. I use the term work loosely here, as I personally have never found the zig-zagging too much effort (though very effective!), but hey, a new beauty gadget is never a bad thing is it!?

Both Lancome's and Estee Lauders electric offerings will be available exclusively at Sak's Fifth Avenue in July and Selfridges in London later in the year.