Anyone who has spent a bit of time writing about beauty online will realise that until very recently, the word 'blog' has been met with, 'a what now' when trying to gain credibility in the beauty industry. This is partly because anyone can easily start a blog and it can at times be difficult to distinguish the guerillas from the professionals, and partly because blogging is new, and bloggers and beauty companies alike are still learning a whole new style of promoting products.

According to Women's Wear Daily though, this is beginning to change, and beauty bloggers are gaining more and more credibility all the time. According to Don Ressler, co-chief executive officer of Intelligent Beauty, '[Beauty Bloggers] are like the QVC of this time [...] They have been really involved in the [beauty] space. They have really shown they have a voice'.

Indeed, it is the involvement in a greater online beauty community that sets bloggers aside from traditional journalists. Through added social networking features, particularly on sites such as Bella Sugar which boasts the social networking tool, Team Sugar, and the ability to interact with writers through comments and forums, readers gain a greater trust in the sites they read. As far as beauty companies are concerned, blogs become a perfect platform for promoting their products as they are able to make more direct contact with the consumer.

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