We all spend plenty of time worrying about the artificial ingredients we put into our mouths, but how much time do we really spend worrying about what goes on our skin? Research shows that as much as sixty percent of what we slather onto our bodies can be absorbed into the blood stream, and with a multitude of natural beauty products available, there is now no excuse not to use products made from ingredients that nature invented.

In the first of a weekly series of posts celebrating natural cosmetics, it would seem only rude not to bow down to the King of natural beauty, Lush. Started back in 1995, Lush strive to make products that work in Harmony with both the environment and your body, minimising their use of non-biodegradable packaging and artificial ingredients. The best thing is, Lush never compromise on the high quality and sweet scents we have come to expect from traditional products.

One of my absolute favourite Lush products, has got to be Dream Cream. This rich cocoa butter and olive oil based body butter is both luxurious and extra nourishing for the skin. Enriched with Rose Absolute and Lavender Oil, Dream Cream leaves you smelling sweet and subtly floral all day.

Look out next week for more Naturally Beautiful products, and please comment to let me know your natural favourites.