With Alumni including the likes of Paul Smith, Nottingham Trent University is steeped in fashion, and year after year produces some of the most impressive collections Graduate Fashion Week has to offer. This year was no different. What struck me most about the collections at the Nottingham show, was how accessible and wearable the pieces were, and I would not be surprised if the University has plenty of future household names to offer us.

The most beautiful collection of the show was by Emilie Maddison Carter, who combined glossy silks in a pale, golden green with muted brown tweeds to create a collection that was both glamorous and classic. Carter adorned select pieces, including a mid-length skirt with peacock feathers which added quirky touch to the collection, and complemeted the greens and browns used.

Showing a huge amount of innovation was Hannah Rodman, who made most of her collection out of cardigans. That's not to say that the pieced were limited to cardigans in their traditional sense. Rodman buttoned them together and manipulated sleeves into waistbands and halters to create some wonderful dresses, skirts and jumpers from single as well as multiple cardigans. Soft knits and a muted colour pallette also lent the collection a romantic feel.

Also demonstrating creativity with knitwear was winner of the Pringle of Scotland Visionary Knitwear Award, Ria Thomas. Thomas knitted a swirled ribbed detail (pictured) into her neutral wool dresses to create the effect of piping. Thomas' collection also featured some gorgeous, open weave, chunky knit dresses. What stood out about Thomas' collection was the way she managed to make it truly individual, yet accessible at the same time.